Open Tractor Weight Classes

Open Tractor Weight Classes
4500, 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500

  1. Maximum tire size 18.4
  2. Any Cut tires permitted in all classes
  3. No RPM limit (unchecked)
  4. Maximum 8 MPH speed limit (any gear)
  5. Stationary draw bar 20” in height maximum, 18” back from center of rear wheel minimum.
  6. Wheelie bars are mandatory.
  7. Kill switch required.
  8. 3 horn rule for all classes


  1. Tractor must be operated safely at all times, with driver remaining in seat while pulling.
  2. Club is not responsible for personal injury, accidents, or damage to tractor or equipment while on grounds.
  3. Recommended that all tractors be equipped with a fire extinguisher.
  4. Only Gasoline, diesel, or L.P. gas permitted.
  5. Must have a twisted clevis or a hitching plate for hookup ,no straight clevises permitted.
  6. No dual wheels, tire chains, steel wheels, or four wheel drive tractors.
  7. All tractors must weigh in before and after each pull.
  8. Front weights cannot exceed 11’ front center of rear wheel; rear weights should not exceed rear tires in excess.
  9. No more than two pulls per tractor per class. Only one place awarded per tractor per class.
  10. The tractor tires must stay inside track boundaries at all times during the pull.
  11. No jerking of sled.