1. No pressurized fuel unless factory equipped.
  2. Maximum drawbar height 20” and 18” from center of axle minimum.
  3. Wheelie bars recommended.
  4. No side shields unless factory equipped.
  5. Factory RPM with working governor. No more than 3000 RPM’s.
  6. 13 ft. from center of rear axle to furthest point forward.
  7. No cut or altered tires. 20.8 by 38 tires.
  8. Weights must not interfere with hitch point.
  9. In the interest of safety all 12,500 and 14,500 checked tractors MUST be equipped
    with a RPM sensor on the crankshaft dampener/pulley and wiring ran to the rear of
    the tractor. This will be connected to an RPM monitor on the sled so your RPM can be
    checked during the pull.