2019 Rules

9500 lbs Too Hot to Farm Rules 2018
505 ci - 2.7” inlet charger
404 ci and under - 3.0” inlet charger...
P-pump open RPM’s
Steel Flywheel mandatory
Stock appearing intakes and manifolds
Stock heads
Water injection is allowed
Diesel fuel ONLY
No intercoolers allowed
Side panels are optional
No V8 engines
Maximum of 18.4 x 38 top cut tires
Factory frame and Rear end; No tube or custom frames allowed
Wide front end recommended; Custom wide front end is allowed
No part of the tractor is to extend more than 13’ from center of rear axle forward
Standard 3” x 3 ¾” hitch; 20” hitch height; No less than 18” from center of rear axle
No hydraulics, rockshaft or PTO is required
Scatter blankets and wheelie bars are mandatory; tie bars are allowed
Roll bars are mandatory; can be fabricated but must be factory OEM appearing
Any engine over 3000 RPM – steel fan blades are not authorized
Air shut off/ kill switch – mandatory
any questions call TJ Schaad at 1-740-336-1574